Thanks to the great water quality that you will have at your business and home, you will be able to drink, wash vegetables and fruits, make coffee or tea, prepare baby bottles without worrying any more about health or bad taste.

with the installation of an AQUAPLUS decalcification system for water you will enjoy the multiple advantages of having a soft, quality water at home.

ECONOMY: with our equipments you will benefit from an important money saving, because you will never have to buy any more bottled water. You will reduce the amount of soaps, shampoos and skin moisturizing products. The lasting life of your home apliances, taps, clothes, etc will increase notoriously.

COMFORT: Forget about carrying and store those heavy water bottles from the supermarket to your home and also to take empty plastic bottles to the recycling bins.

HEALTH: Enjoy at home of a high quality water of very little mineralization; since our equipments of inverse osmosis or our decalcification systems eliminate up to 90% of chlorine and lime, not forgetting any other waste that can be present in water.

ENVIROMENT: In a standard home it can be used up to 300 water bottles of 5 liters or 900 bottles of 1,5 liters per year, with the environmental contamination (carbon footprint) that this plastic generates since its making till its recycling in the case this happens.