• Decorative plaster.
  • Walls, Roofs of PYL Plaque.
  • Thermal or sound Isolation in the outside or inside.
  • Sound and thermal absorbent walls and roofs.
  • Stuccos, smoothing of walls.
  • Acrylic mortars for the protection and decoration of facades.
  • Decoration of inside or outside floors.


We make all kind of works in plaster. From false continuous roofs till decorations with cornice, plaques for walls or indirect lighting. We also work with partitions of 6 cms of width.


We are certified installers of the official producer PLACO.
Continuous sound absorbent false roofs made of RIGITON y GYPTONE.
We also work with others brands as KNAUF if the project or of our customer demands us to do so.
Partitions of great height made of HIGH STIL.
Special partitions or roofs of high hardness and sound absorbent made of PLACOPHONE y PLACOIMPACT.
Sound or thermal isolations on the outside and rehabilitation of facades made of AQUAROC.


We provide and install panels for walls and roofs to avoid echoes and  reverberating sounds in shops, offices, classrooms, sports centers, etc to considerably improve conversations, comprehension and effectiveness.
We also work with the brand ECOPHON, because its roofs and partitions have a extremely high level of finish and they are highly decorative, without forgetting their 100% of effectiveness.
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In TECNOPLAC we pursue to give a wide, quality service that is the reason why our staff is always in continuous formation.
With PLACOSTIC of PLACO we smooth walls and roofs with a not even surface.
With WEBER CAL ESTUCO we can decorate your walls and roofs in the inside or outside with a marvel looking finish of great quality.
With WEBER decorative products for floors we can realize continuous floors decorations, stamped or smooth to give your house or business that special touch.
With the acrylic mortars of WEBER you will be able to make water proof and decorate walls, facades and roofs.


We commercialize and apply the liquid silicon SL 3000 RUBSON.
Waterproofing is definitive in reforms, repairs and new construction with this silicon, that gives you an amazing 10 years guarantee.
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